Terms & conditions

Volangua Ltd are the creators and operators of this website. We only act as an intermediary, connecting language schools, hosts and users, and enabling users to search and book language courses, accommodation and other related services online. As an intermediary, students are not only subject to the Volangua.com Terms and Conditions but also the Terms and Conditions of the specific language school they are attending and any other service or accommodation they have booked. When booking through Volangua.com, clients enter into a contract with that service provider. Volangua Ltd. is not liable for damage caused to persons or property arising from this contract, and all disagreements between the service provider and the client must be resolved between the parties themselves without the involvement of Volangua Ltd.


Contracting Parties

Volangua Ltd. allows students to enrol directly with language schools through our online platform; the bookings they make bind them directly into a contract with the particular language school they have enrolled with. Should a student decide to book with an instant book school, the booking process will be carried out through Volangua’s platform. The student will pay a deposit to Volangua and the remaining fees to the school directly. Should a student decide to book with a non instant book school, the whole booking process will be carried out by the school. Volangua will only act as an intermediary connecting the school and the student and it will not be involved in the booking process nor payment of any fees.


For most schools, students will benefit from discounts of between 5% and 15% by booking online with Volangua.com; additionally, Volangua Ltd. does not charge an extra fee for using their service. Discounts may differ or not be applicable to bookings with non instant book school. The prices shown on Volangua.com reflect the prices displayed on each school’s own website; they are generally the school’s lowest prices and appear on Volangua.com without added costs. The final price, including any possible discount applied, can only be guaranteed once the booking has been confirmed in writing. Unless otherwise specified, prices on volangua.com are displayed in the local currency of the country each school is located in; please note that price conversions to other currencies that appear on Volangua.com, in documents or any other communications are provided for information only.

Insurance and Health Declaration

Although booking insurance is optional, Volangua Ltd. strongly recommends that all students purchase insurance. Purchasing insurance is advisable in case students experience a medical emergency or develop a medical condition, need to return home unexpectedly before they have completed their course, or encounter any other unforeseen circumstances while studying abroad. Courses and other services booked through Volangua do not include travel nor medical insurance. The above mentioned have to be purchased separately, if needed.

Right to Travel: Visas and Passports

Students are responsible for ascertaining whether they need a visa to travel, for arranging all necessary visas and travel permits, and for having a valid passport enabling them to travel. Visa regulations are subject to change over time. We strongly advise that students contact the relevant Embassy to seek information in advance and submit their visa application at least 2 months before the trip.


What is Best Price Guarantee

All the promotions that you will find on Volangua’s website are the same that our partner schools offer on their website. In addition, Volangua applies further discounts and always guarantees you the best price compared to any other language booking websites or travel agencies today. Please notify us in case you come across an offer on the school’s website, which is not advertised on Volangua’s website, as we would contact the school immediately and make sure that the same offer is applied to your booking.

How does it work

If, after booking through our website, you find a better price elsewhere for the same service/s, you must contact us within forty-eight (48) hours and we will refund you the difference. You'll need to provide us with the link to the other offer which must be online and available when we check, and not older than 48 hrs. The Low Price Guarantee is available only for the same service/s (exact same dates and times as booked through us, same language school or provider, same courses and accommodation, applicable refund policy, same cancellation policy and conditions)


The Low Price Guarantee applies only to prices both advertised and available to the general public on a website and, in order to benefit from it, you must meet all requirements imposed on the lower price (if any). Volangua reserves the right to modify or restrict the availability of the Low Price Guarantee to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you. Please note that no claim can be made if the other offer is part of a loyalty or rewards programme, or if the other offer is a special promotion or deal.


Students book language courses, accommodation, airport transfers and other services on Volangua.com; such services are made effective when the student submits the Volangua Ltd. online booking form, which can be found at the bottom of the price calculator. If an “instant book school” has been selected, once availability has been confirmed, students will receive an email with a written confirmation of their course enrolment. Once a reservation has been approved in writing, it becomes obligatory for the language school to uphold that reservation. Equally, the student is subject to a contract with the language school they have enrolled with.

Any bookings for courses and accommodation services on this website are made directly with the service providers concerned and not with Volangua.com. Therefore, the balance of payment for any courses, accommodation and/or services will be made directly to the school and not to Volangua.com, if not specified otherwise when booking. The currency of the particular school always applies. If a “non instant book school” has been selected, the student’s enquiry will be sent directly to the school, which will get in contact with the student in order to accept/reject the booking. Volangua Ltd. does not take responsibility for the booking process with “non instant book” schools. Any bookings and payments of course fees, accommodation and/or any other additional services on this website are made directly with the service providers concerned and not with Volangua.com. Volangua can not be held accountable for any issues regarding the booking process, payments, complaints nor refunds requests in case of “non instant booking”.

Currency conversions on the website are based on the daily exchange rate and thus are liable to fluctuate in accordance with the exchange rate; for the pre-payment required with any Volangua.com booking, the exchange rate of the day will be applied as standard. Should the student have a problem with their accommodation, course tuition or any other aspect of their language course experience, it is his or her responsibility to inform the school management as soon as possible to request a resolution. The student should always contact the school directly, without the involvement of Volangua Ltd.; if the student fails to do so, the duty of the remedy is forfeited. In the case that the student has submitted a formal complaint, it is advised they get a confirmation of any such complaints in writing for their records.

Information on Volangua.com relating to particular schools is provided by the particular schools themselves. As such, Volangua Ltd. will not be held responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the information accessible on this site and/or changes to content, products and/or services published on Volangua.com at any time. Volangua.com is also not a party to the contract between you and the service providers. We strongly advise clients to check the service provider’s Terms and Conditions before finalising their booking on Volangua.com. Volangua.com is in no way be liable for any problems relating to the services you have booked, and any queries will need to be addressed to the relevant service providers directly.

Errors due to the wrong display of information

Typographical errors, miscommunication and other glitches may result in the wrong display of information on the website, including but not limited to school description, general information, location, prices, marketing material. In such circumstances, Volangua reserves the right to cancel orders and refund customers’ money because of pricing errors (or for other errors due to erroneous display of information).

Reservation changes, extensions and upgrades

Changes communicated to us in writing prior to the booking confirmation will not incur any extra charges. Changes communicated to us in writing after the booking has been accepted and confirmed by the school may incur an extra fee set by the school. Fees will not be charged in the case of upgrades or extensions of bookings at the same school. Please note that downgrades of services, changes of schools, reductions of course durations are considered as cancellations and, consequently, the cancellation terms apply. For non instant bookings, any requests for course changes, upgrades and extensions must be completed by contacting the school directly. Any additional costs resulting from the change will be upon the school’s discretion and T&C.


Course materials, school trips or other additional costs are not generally included in the price of booking unless this is explicitly indicated in writing; students should, therefore, expect to cover such additional costs themselves. Additions and/or any other changes to the described services and booking must always be given in writing, such as by letter or email. Cancellation or changes made to a course due to events outside of the school’s control (such as but not limited to the failure of public transport, strikes, unrests or natural disasters) do not entitle students to compensation.

On public holidays, most language schools are closed and, regardless, classes are not held on these days. Published courses tend to start on Mondays, but if the Monday in question is a public holiday, classes will generally begin on a Tuesday instead unless otherwise specified. Please note that classes cancelled due to public holidays do not entitle you to refunds, credits or any other form of compensation.

The school reserves the right to make changes to the original class booked, should the minimum number of students not be reached.



We strongly advise that you read the school’s Terms & Conditions before booking your accommodation. Student accommodation will be selected and allocated by the school they have enrolled with. Accommodation generally runs from Sunday until Saturday. Students should always contact the school directly to ensure they are allowed to stay more nights for an additional fee and to get further information about the exact fee for any extra night. Please clearly list your preferences in the comment field of the registration form, and the school will fulfil them in so far as it is possible. Detailed information relating to accommodation is usually sent out by the school at least 2 weeks before the course start date. In case of non instant bookings, the entire accommodation booking process, including but not limited to the payment and final accommodation details, is subject to the selected school’s T&C.

Airport Transfer Service

Volangua.com allows the student to purchase airport transfer when completing their enrolment form. Your driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals hall of the airport/train or bus station in question, and will be holding up a sign with the service provider’s name and/or your name. Please note that you may be invoiced for additional charges if your flight is delayed by 30 minutes or more. Please also note that the details of your flight will need to be sent at least 1 week prior to your arrival. If you are for whatever reason unable to locate your transfer driver, please contact the service providers immediately; if you leave the airport without first contacting the service providers, you automatically forfeit your right to a refund. For an additional fee, you may purchase the airport transfer service for your return trip. In case of non instant bookings, the whole transfer booking process, including payment and transfer details, is subject to the selected school’s T&C.


Cancellation with a non instant book school

Cancellation for any course, accommodation, transfer or/and any other services booked with a non instant book school is always subject to the selected school’s specific Terms and Conditions. Volangua Ltd. acts only as connection between the school and the student. Once the booking request has been sent, Volangua Ltd. is no longer liable for any booking and/or cancellation arising. Students must contact the school directly for further information regarding cancellation and refund requests.

Cancellation with an instant book school

Cancellation for any course, accommodation, transfer or/and any other services booked with an instant book school must be communicated in writing to bookings@volangua.com by the person that booked the course. The student may cancel the booking at any time before the start of the course, although it is recommended that this is done as soon as possible.

Students should read the cancellation and refund policies of their chosen service provider (including but not limited to the language course and accommodation services) thoroughly before booking, as by accepting Volangua Ltd. Terms and Conditions they are thus agreeing to this service provider’s policy. These policies can be found on the language school information pages you will have access to during the reservation procedure and/or on the school’s website.

If you have booked using a special offer or discount rate, please note that this may not be eligible for cancellation or change; as such we advise that you check your chosen service provider’s policy for any such conditions prior to making any bookings.

The service provider holds liability for the accuracy of any information in the Terms and Conditions, and the client is fully responsible for contacting the service provider prior to completing a booking should they require clarity regarding any part of these Terms and Conditions. Since the service provider’s cancellation and refund policy may mean that you will be charged for your cancellation, even if they agree to issue a refund, we advise you to always read the policy of any service provider thoroughly; you should only complete a booking if you are happy to adhere to the service providers Terms and Conditions. By booking any service through Volangua.com you are automatically accepting the Terms and Conditions of the service provider selected.

Entitlement to refunds, whether complete or partial, are always subject to the provider’s specific Terms and Conditions; the only exception to this is the deposit paid to Volangua.com upon booking, which will not be refundable. Please allow for any administrative and banking costs that may arise from Volangua Ltd. processing your refund, as these will be deducted from the total refund amount without exception. We recommend that you also take out insurance against unforeseen circumstances that may prevent you from starting or completing your course.

In some instances a school may allow you to transfer your booking to another person, thus diminishing or avoiding the associated cancellation fees; in such cases, a school may charge you only for the administration necessary to action this transfer or may even choose not to charge you a fee at all. Please read through the Terms and Conditions of the service provider to see whether a transfer of booking is allowed, under what circumstances it is permissible and what conditions it is subject to.

Cancellation by the School

Occasionally a language school may have submitted information to Volangua.com that contains writing, printing or calculation errors. Ordinarily these errors will only result in minimal changes to a student’s booking only; however, the school reserves the right to cancel their contract with the student if necessary.

Cancellation due to Visa Refusal

If the student booked with a non instant book school, the refund of any fee/deposit paid by the student to the school is upon school’s discretion. Volangua strongly recommends students to carefully read the school’s Terms & Conditions prior completing the booking and, in particular, the section referred to cancellation in case of visa refusal.

If the student booked with an instant book school, Volangua Ltd. will make an effort to return all payments and deposits made if a client is forced to cancel their course due to a visa denial, providing the visa application was made in a timely manner. Depending on their own visa refusal cancellation policy and on the notice given by the student about their visa refusal, schools may charge a fee in the event of course cancellation resulting from a refused visa. Students must produce valid documentation demonstrating the visa rejection at least 15 working days before any course or accommodation start date or no refund will be issued. Valid documentation includes the official documentation of the application refusal and original documents from the language school, such as for example the Letter of Acceptance. Any such documents must be sent either by recorded post or emailed to bookings@volangua.com; failure to send valid documentation within the specified timeframe will result in the ‘cancellation of contract by the student’s condition being applied.


Should you decide to stop or leave all or part of the course and/or accommodation once the course has already started, this will be classified as ‘termination’. Such action is not allowed by the service providers’ termination policy. Neither Volangua.com nor the service provider agrees to refund tuition, accommodation, booking fees or any other costs if you decide to terminate your course at any point after the start date. Please read the particular service provider’s Terms carefully before booking any service: you will be obliged to adhere to these specific Terms and Conditions as soon as the booking is confirmed.

If you have booked with an instant book school, please send a written request to bookings@volangua.com outlining your reasons as soon as possible if you think you are entitled to a refund; any such requests will be immediately sent to the particular service provider to be processed. The completion of your refund is liable to take up to 90 days from the first written request. If you have booked with a non instant book school, please contact the school directly for any termination request.


Volangua.com guarantees that they will treat all booking and payment data provided by students in a confidential manner. Please check our Privacy Policy for further information.


We always do our best to ensure information on Volangua.com is up-to-date and correct. However, as our service is based on information supplied by other service providers, we cannot guarantee that all information appearing on Volangua.com is comprehensive and error-free; we cannot be held in any way accountable for inaccuracies, including typographical errors, or non-delivery of information that result from information given to us by partner organisations or other service providers.


Your use of this website is subject to your irrevocable acceptance without modification of the Terms of Use above explained. By using Volangua.com you are agreeing not to use this website for any purpose that is unlawful or otherwise prohibited by these Terms, including but not limited to the data-mining, scraping, framing, extraction or collection of the content of the website in any form.